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12 Discounts to Reduce your car insurence premiums

There are several discounts by which you may reduce your car insurance premium.

Retirement Discounts

Some insurance agents offer discounts to retired drivers, because they usually spend less time on the road and typically put far less mileage on their vehicles than other drivers who drive each day. A retiree discount could make a huge impact on the amount of money you pay each month but you’ll need to ask to your agent about this in order to gain the discount.

Comparison discount

There are so many different car insurance agents are available and some are available online, you have more options now but you have to sort them out so that you get the most affordable rates with the required amount of coverage. Here comes comparison shop where you need to consult your area’s local phone book, call or visit agencies nearby your area, and take notes regarding prices. Then you have to do some online research to find out your online car insurance options. Again, compare these notes to the notes you have concerning local agents. Lastly, you may discuss with your friends and family members and consider their recommendations or warnings if any.

Affiliate Discounts

Most of the car insurance company offers different discounts based on your personal group affiliation, but this one is not usually advertised by your insurance agent so ask your agent if this discount is available for you. The group affiliations cited to receive discounts on their auto insurance and many more. It may be cost-effective to join a group solely based on the reduction of your auto insurance policy and you may ask your insurer if they can provide a list of groups that provide these types of discounts, and then you could join any group as per your area of interest.

Multiple Vehicle Discounts

If you own multiple cars, and you keep insurance on all of them year round then you may consolidate them all into one insurance policy and you may get the benefit of less paper mail being sent to your house and reduction in your insurance premiums each month. More than one driver might be added to an insurance policy, allows you to further reduce your auto insurance premiums and if you add a vehicle which is not working, to your insurance policy then it may save you a lot of money in some cases.

Age-Based Discounts

Age is an important factor in deciding the exact price of your auto insurance premium. When you cross the age of 25, you may get the premium at lower rate with discounts up to 20%, and if you are between 25-55 then you may get lowest premiums associated with cheap car insurance rates. But when drivers reach the age of mid 50’s then these discounts usually cease though they receive other discounts on your car insurance at that time.

Good Grades Discounts

Good grades received in school may also help lower your auto insurance premium but for this you need proof of your educational achievements, so keep ready copy of your most recent report card and show it to your local insurance agent.

New car Discount

Your auto insurance premium may be determined by the vehicle itself, its risk and safety ratings, corresponding vehicle safety discounts etc. You may consider these factors if you want to keep your insurance costs low.

Credit Score discount

Your auto insurance premium may be determined by your credit score also which offers auto insurance quotes. “Simply put, the better your credit, the lower your rate will be.” But in some states there is a restriction on this. For e.g. In California to determine insurance rate by credit score is restrictive.

Good driving record discount

If you have a good driving record or history from last three or five years, it may fall off of your records with the insurer, lowering your premium.

Marriage discount

The people who are married are viewed by some insurers as less risky, and worthy of a discount because your insurance agent or provider consider married people less risky, sincere and responsible and thus according to them they less involve in an accident.

Move from one city to another city discount

It is obvious that an auto insurance policy in Paris (Indiana) may be lower than one for the same person and car in New York City. Location is also an important factor which causes more or less risk to insure.

Pay per mile auto insurance discount

If you drive more on the road, you have higher risk. There are pay-per-mile auto insurance programs or discount which may make the most sense for drivers who have a very short commute or who have a second vehicle that they rarely drive.